115mm 4.5" Norton Rapid Strip Blend Disc 115x12x22mm for Blending Refining


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Norton Rapid Blend Discs

115mm x 12 mm x 22mm - to fit 115mm (4.5") angle grinder

Specifically engineered to provide the best in refining applications cutting freely with minimal heat. Refines the smallest of defects.

Can resist loading on ferrous and non ferrous materials. Ideal for use with portable tools to clean and remove imperfections on metal surfaces. Combination of strong synthetic mesh and quality abrasive.

Fine silicon carbide & flexible 2 density Unitised construction.

Wide range of solutions for finishing ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

New modified resin system.

Undersized backing plate.

Dimensions: 115mm x 12.7mm x 22mm

Suitable for most angle grinders.


Excellent for fine, consistent satin finish.

Longer life and more parts per disc, resists loading.

Cuts more freely and with less heat than competitor.

Longer usable diameter.