115mm 125mm Polycarbide Norton Blaze
  • 115mm 125mm Polycarbide Norton Blaze

115mm 125mm Polycarbide Norton Blaze


115mm 125mm Polycarbide Norton Blaze disc



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Norton Blaze Rapid Strip Discs

The Norton Blaze platform combines innovative ceramic grain, bond, backings and grinding aid to make quick work of any MRO job on material ranging from cast iron to stainless steel and even hard-to-grind inconel and titanium.

This next-generation product line is a guaranteed winner. With a proven track record of completing jobs quicker than standard abrasives with lower overall process cost thanks to long-lasting performance. 

Available in non-woven stripping discs, spirabands and SpeedLok® discs for angle grinders, mini grinders and die grinders. Thanks to the patented ceramic grain which is harder, sharper and a more elongated shape than standard ceramic grain, Norton Blaze products can last up to 200% longer than standard abrasives.

Norton Blaze RapidStrip is ideal for fast stripping and cleaning without gouging or causing excessive stock removal on metal. Depressed centre and quick-change discs can withstand heavy applications such as stripping rust encrusted metal, without shredding. Not only tough, Blaze RapidStrip discs are also extremely versatile, by using a lighter pressure Blaze RapidStrip can also be used as a surface finishing disc.


• Stripping

• Blending

• Heavy scale removal

• Stone/granite clean up

• Cast iron, steels, aluminium, fibre glass and composites


Diameter: 115 x 22, 125 x 22

Abrasive: R9101 Ceramic Alumina X-Coarse RAPID

Backing: Type 27/Fibre Glass

Max RPM: 12000rpm

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