93mm Zirconia delta sanding pads for Festool Rotex, hook and loop, P40-240


(£0.25 per pad)

VAT included

Klingspor PS21 delta pads for Festool


The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 10.


Free delivery on orders over £40, various services available (RM24, UPS)

Klingspor PS21 delta velour backed sanding sheets 

High Quality Velour Backed Triangle Delta Sanding Sheets/Pads

Festool hole pattern

Zirconium Corundum grips creates a long service life and high sanding performance due to self-sharpening zirconia alumina. 


Bond: Synthetic resin

Grit type: Zirconium Corundum

Coat type: Seal

Backing: Paper, approx. 300 g/m2 

Dimension(mm) - 93x93x93

For sanding of various surfaces:


-stainless steel


-paint / varnish / filler

- plastic etc.


Made in Germany         


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