75mm 3" Wet or dry Deerfos sanding discs, hook and loop, P40-3000


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Deerfos 75mm 3” wet or dry plain discs

Hook and loop backed


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Deerfos 75mm 3” wet or dry plain discs,P40-3000

Hook and loop backed


SA331 (P40-P2000)

SA700V (P2500-P3000)

Quick fitting.

Blue Aluminum Oxide (A/O) Grain

Open coat | Resin over resin bonding

Ultra flexible polyester (PE) Film backing

Wet or Dry applications

WORKPIECES; Paints - repair industry, automotive body, wood industry (soft/hard wood), surface finishing.

Anti-Clogging Stearate lubricant (except 60-100 grit) - runs cooler and resists loading

For use with all 75 mm hook and loop backing pads

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