100mm 4" Norton Vortex surface blending non-woven hook & loop backed discs


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Long-lasting Norton Vortex Rapid Prep non woven abrasive hook and loop discs

100mm (4") diameter non-woven discs hook & loop backed disc for use on portable angle grinders are excellent for removal of rust, undercoating, seam sealers and stone guards. Able to reach areas such as wheel wells and under carriage, boot beds and door jambs. Use to remove oxidation from tyre rims and to remove rust from brake assemblies.

New surface conditioning discs from Norton engineered to save time and money in all preparation applications, offering performance, excellence and value for money. Unique compacted structure design offers material removal while imparting a final smear free finish. Ideal for deburring, edge breaking, blending, cleaning and polishing. Durable construction for fast, economical surface preparation. Can be used in sequence with, fibre and flap discs, to de-burr, blend and impart great finishes in one or two operations

Proprietary Norton Vortex aluminium oxide abrasive grain and coating method
Most consistent cutting and finishing of surface conditioning products on the market
Combines fast cutting speed with the finish of finer grits
Reduce process times by 50+% by combining multiple grit sequences to 1 step in a blending operation
More resistant to edge wear; up 4X life vs. competitive products
Friable grain structure keeps Ra specs throughout disc life and reduces scrap and rework
Color-coded grit sizes for easy identification
New resin system is aerospace-tailored
Extended form holding for the lowest total cost of consumable tooling per workpiece
Tool-free, easy-on/easy-off Quick-Change fastening system

Removing surface defects
Removing light edge burrs, parting lines or flashing
Removing rust, oxides, corrosion, paints and scale
Cleaning moulds
Blending mill marks, tool marks, uneven edges and coated abrasive finish


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