125mm 5" Mirka Interface Pad Saver 44 Hole Hook&loop 10mm foam

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Mirka Multi-Air Interface 125mm

Fits to all 125mm 5" backing pads.

Mirka Multi-Air foam interface pad to go between the backing pad of your sander and the abrasive disc.

Features & Benefits:

The improved dust extraction technology extracts 25% more dust, and with the unique hole pattern increases productivity by up to 32% compared to conventional multi-hole sanding discs.

The discs provide closer sanding as they are flatter and the abrasive surface is also increased which will allow a more consistent and faster cut rate

Using the this product will leave an improved surface finish throughout the life of the disc

A generous 10 mm thick, these can help to prevent cutting through on the edges of the work, also helping to smooth over swage lines etc. and following curves.